Dynamics and technological advances generate changes in products and services, reason why it is necessary to count on strategic and innovative solutions of Information Technology whose function is to solve the main challenges of the specific activity of each company. The main advantages that are offered by our services are:

INTERNET E-commerce

We offer the possibility of counting on another channel inside its Marketing Mix to spread the product information and services as well as to improve the attention given to your clients. E-commerce does not define solely the process of direct sale through the Internet, exist several commercial processes like the publication of informative catalogues, automatic inventories update, generation of qualified prospects, administration of relation with the client, etc.

BUSINESS Intelligence

The perspective is to present a total and real analysis of the information that is obtained from the company, generating active reports that allow you to gain visibility and coverage in all the aspects of the decision and action process.

BUSINESS Data Cleasing

We use effective techniques that contribute significantly to improving the quality of data, organizing the flow between the various perating systems, storage area and reporting.

BUSINESS Process Management

Processes automation reduces errors, assures processes being executed efficiently and in the end, opportunity elements are distinguished for increasing the value chain. This model will integrate and manage the processes in its totality with the flexibility to adapt them in accordance with how the conditions can change.

SQA Solutions

Systematic efforts to integrate technology projects with the aim of generating a software with the highest quality and meets the range expected by the customer.

ENTERPRISE Application Integration

We implement a hundred percent portable interfaces to any platform so that they integrate the individual systems that you have in your company which are not fully profiteers due to its isolation.

WIRELESS Solutions

We take your business anywhere you want, Wireless solutions is the present reality to handle any business model with portable devices and high technology.

The key of our success resides in offering solutions with the best information technology.

Wellcom Services