Wellcom Solutions

Wellcom offers solutions using applications that define, execute and control the business processes, integrating diverse areas of your company. It also offers solutions focused on Information Technologies which function is to solve, in an specific and customized way, the main challenges of your company.

We believe that a key factor for success is having a product portfolio with great scalability and flexibility, capable of anticipating the constant changes of the competitive environment that is lived nowadays.

Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis System

Wellcom Surva is a solution that covers from the creation process and release of a survey to the customized statistical analysis.

Planning and Logistic Control System

Wellcom Logistic provides a total planning and logistic control visibility of your distribution center, from the entrance of the purchase order to the reception of the merchandise.

Intelligent Location System

Wellcom GPS is an Information System which defines a reality in a systematic coordinates model which shows geographically referenced information that helps you to solve complex planning and management problems.

Business Technology in Decision and Action Processes

O3 Business Performance Suite is a technology specialized in combining tools focused on the analysis for the decisions making and formulation of directive strategies.