Wellcom Solutions

Specialized technology in providing total visibility of planning and logistic control of your distribution center.

Wellcom Logistic

It is a high-tech solution that generates an efficient communication between your distribution center and suppliers where it is imperative to keep costs and a competitive service that generates added value in each delivery.

The control begins with the load of a flat file that contains the order number, vendor name, destination, number of boxes to deliver, among other references. The system automatically displays to each supplier the orders made by your supply center. At the time at which entrance to the orders of purchase occurs, your suppliers can enter the system and review the requested orders. With this system you can assure that your requests are met quickly.

The heart of the whole system is in the Operation Module since it visualizes from the planning to the confirmation and cancellation of appointments. You will have total control of supply levels and margins defining the spaces to be reserved for each of your suppliers. When a supplier wishes to request an appointment, it will appear a component that displays all the possible dates open exclusively to him. In this way the supplier has the flexibility to choose the best delivery date, obtain an appointment and receive a printed confirmation email.

In the end you will get a calendar with all the deliveries to be made every day in their supply center. You will be ready to receive to all your suppliers on the date, time and place agreed, and with enough space capacity for the reception of the goods. The result, a more efficient operation that increases productivity.