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Specialized technology in combining tools focused on analysis for decision making and formulation of strategy guidelines

O3 Business Performance Suite

It is a high technology solution that helps to evaluate the performance of companies and facilitates decision making with opportunity.

A company always looks for obtaining the fulfillment of its organizational goals, adapting quickly to market changes and implementing its strategies successfully. This system oriented to business intelligence creates a perfect and complete application with analytical reports, specific indicators and initiatives automated.

O3BPS is basically complemented by two modules, the first one, Business Intelligence is defined to collect, manage and analyze data that will allow you to obtain the knowledge for operational and strategic business decisions. The second one, Integral Control Panel will allow to measure the position of the company, based on the business strategy stating different perspectives.

O3BPS is a versatile system that can be orientated to multiple vertical solutions:

O3 Budgeting

Its concept is orientated to the planning and budgeting of your company. It allows you to integrate the operation of your different areas (Budgeting, Finances, Human Resources, Customer Service Representatives, Production) and make projections with different scenarios.

O3 401K

It is a system directed to companies that are specialized in managing retirement savings of workers. In a component model reflects projected developments in every relevant aspect to the commercial business of the Personal retirement contribution.


It facilitates the production processes management ensuring the raw materials and finished products stock. Depending on the objectives it allows to count on a plan of purchases of raw materials and a master plan of production.

O3 Forecast

It allows to make estimates on diverse scenarios related to market demands that act directly on inventory planning and budgeting.