Wellcom Solutions

Wellcom Surva

It is a high technology solution that helps you to define the content of a survey by programmed libraries that incorporate objects (Check Box, Option Button, List Box, Combo Box) and logical tools on the questionnaire. It is not precise to have programming or web design knowledge, since it has menus and forms to change type, color and font size; define closed, open, numerical or matrix questions; insert multimedia elements and establish conditions based on previous answers.

It also integrates an e-mailing tool for sending invitation and reminder messages to participate in the survey. Once the participant receives the email, will get access to the questionnaire by simply clicking on the link.

The most significant advantage is that you will be able to consult results at any time and generate an analysis with multiple graphs and dynamic data tables.

Wellcom Surva can be applied in diverse areas such as Marketing & Commerce, Human Resources, Business Training and Academic Institutions, in addition to this the portal is totally focused on users, making available several tools that allow to establish new areas of business communication as a corporate agenda, a library of documents for methods and procedures, online support, announcements and press areas, and other components for the sample of results.