Wellcom Solutions

Specialized technology which displays geographically referenced information that helps you solve complex planning and management.

Wellcom GPS

It is a high-tech solution for intelligent location of the most important assets of your company. This system facilitates the location of vehicles, the distribution process management and the entrusted coordination services.

For all companies, the process of validating in which place is its product or service is a complex task. The goal is to use resources more effectively, and the tangible resources that are owned by a company are transport vehicles, fuel, merchandise it provides, etc.

Wellcom GPS integrates hardware, software, spatial data and informative data. In other words, it defines a reality in a systematic model of coordinates designed to capture, store, operate, analyze and display, in all its forms, geographically referenced information that helps solve complex planning and management.

Once you enter the system you will note that the combination of maps, geofences definition, alarms and points of interest will create complete history reports. For example, a logbook report by unit details distance traveled, the time in which it was found stopped and in motion, speed, activated geofences depending on the configured alarm condition, landmarks of events and other statistical information.